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Saree photo sessions, 2018 vs 2022

What is it like to be a model? My answer would be “Be Yourself.” Yes, you’ve heard it a million times on the internet, and I am repeating it.

I was 18 when I first worked with a professional photographer. Before that, I was a little uptight. I thought I had to give only my best shot. Frankly, I knew practically nothing about modeling. But Neena made me very comfortable. A little background: Neena is my Mashi (aunt) and my best friend.

It was the year 2018. We had the shoot on a rooftop on a rather chilly December afternoon. I wore a geometrical printed colorful saree with a black blouse. We decided on our look before the shoot and made some changes while getting ready.

During the shoot, she guided me through everything, like where to place my hand or how to stand. But the best part was she never told me to follow her instructions like a robot. I just improvised everything by myself. I could be myself.

Keeping your cool in front of the camera can sometimes be challenging. So Neena was cracking jokes to keep the atmosphere relaxing for me. During the whole shoot, we talked through things. I never knew my first shoot with a professional photographer would be so breezy and much fun.

It made me work on many more projects with her, and each one was a success!

Here are some more images from this shoot.

Cut to 2022: I did another saree shoot with my favorite photographer but this time, we picked a more natural setting: a different city, a floral saree, some props this time but the same dream team.

Neena has always been fresh air to me. So, working with her is a delight every time. I admire her work and how she instantly makes you feel comfortable. It makes me give my best shot. I believe the model and the photographer must have a friendly relationship while keeping things professional. And she is the perfect combo of both! Whenever I work with her, I feel like I’m working with a friend. I feel at home with her.

Do you think we have grown as artists in these four years? Please post in the comments.

All the above photographs are created by Neena Majumdar.

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